He’s back

submitted by  Sir Nick, London, U.K.


So it was the late 1990s in London.  Money brokering was in its heyday. With so many cross currencies to trade the banks of trading desks was absolutely necessary and thus the characters legendary….

One particular week the markets had been volatile and profitable, so the head of the desk had everyone out on a Thursday night. Needless to say, these bunch of fools were happy to drink everything under the sun and deal with the consequences the following day.

Knowing this, the head of the desk had a plan to get everyone in on time for Friday’s open:

“Everyone make it in tomorrow and breakfast is on me,” he said to a cheering crowd.

The next morning, everyone was on time, the desk was loaded with traders.  All slightly less enthusiastic about the time than they had been the previous evening. But the Boss was true to his word and called upon the junior on the desk to get everyone’s breakfast order.

“Make sure you get all the orders, and make sure you get yourself something” he said.

The orders were taken, and Junior went off to the breakfast shop with a list of appropriate sandwich’s, coffees and teas to be bought, along with a large handful of cash from the boss.

The time passed, and Junior hadn’t returned, the desk was restless and the Boss was getting a little agitated as sleep was lacking!!!

Finally, Junior made it back to the desk (albeit a good hour longer than it should have taken) with a perfectly executed order. The breakfasts were suitably given out and naturally the desk was elated with some welcome food and drink.

As the Junior sat down to a round of applause, the Boss turned to him and enquired:

“Well done lad, but where’s the change from the money I gave you?”

“There isn’t any!” he said

The room went a little quiet….

“Why not?” replied the puzzled Boss

“You said, go get breakfast for everyone and to get myself something.” said Junior.


“So, I got myself a Leather Jacket.”

The room erupted in laughter and applause, including the Boss…..